Make money from freelancing

Becoming a freelancer (freelance) is a trend of many young people but requires a lot of self-improvement and sharp-thinking skills.

Consulting firm McKinsey (USA) estimates that about 27% of people in the United States are working as freelance (freelancers) and this number is expected to increase to about 50% by 2030. According to a report, the people doing the analysis Data, virtual assistant programming and machine learning have the opportunity to get the best pay in freelance jobs.

Make money from freelancing

“Freelance offers a lot of flexible work and time opportunities, but you have to improve your skills and have a sharp mind,” says Freelancer manager Matt Barie. He gives advice to people who want to make money doing freelance work.

Are you fit for a freelancer?

Before deciding to work freelance, the most important thing is to think about whether this type of job is your working style. You want to work anywhere and have flexible time, but you also want a stable job and know for sure what you will do tomorrow? If so, please review.

Besides, when entering the freelancer life, you should be mentally prepared for the “financial uncertainty” because many projects can be put in one at a time and sometimes you sit idle. If that is not acceptable, then choose the safer option.

Please try first

The advice from Barie is that you should try freelancing while still working full-time. If you’re not ready to quit your current job, can you take advantage of the time after work or the weekend to experience a new job to see if it makes you happy and excited?

Personal branding

When deciding to pursue a freelancer, make sure you have a bright resume, through a list of past jobs. It is an advantage to help you access high-demand and good-paying jobs.

Constantly improving skills

Once working freely in any field, you must constantly improve your skills and make a difference in the market. The important thing is that you must constantly innovate yourself because the work and market are changing day by day. Talking with friends, siblings in the industry, referencing from online courses … will help you improve and update knowledge and skills.

Understand your ‘price’

One benefit of being a freelancer is that you can pay for what you feel is worth the energy. You can also choose to decline or accept a job that is offered. Learn about market prices and understand where you are to negotiate and get a good income.

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