Many Japanese refuse treatment to die naturally old

The wife was insane and had difficulty eating, instead of putting the catheter in, the husband applied only 2 packs of jelly every day, and eventually she passed away in silence.

Aging professor Masahiro Akishita of the University of Tokyo, and president of the Japan Geriatric Association, said the resuscitation of the heart, lungs or the use of artificial nutrition that prolongs life with the elderly is declining today.

Masahiro Akishita was formerly a leading vascular surgeon in Japan, once rated as one of the 100 best doctors in this country. He said that although he always believed that fighting a disease was a doctor’s duty and that “death is a loss to the Lord of Death”, however, in the face of the illness of the elderly, especially especially in untreated patients, he began to realize the fact: no matter how much health progresses, there is no way to create a weight that counteracts natural aging.

Masahiro Akishita once visited St Christopher’s Hospice hospice, England. This place marked a change in his outlook on life. Here, he witnessed terminally ill people receiving palliative care, instead of taking time to eliminate pain by using medical machinery, painting, playing piano, smoking cigars. .. In the last moments of life, they do what they want, and those are “moments of extraordinary significance”.

With the experience after the trip, the Japanese doctor left the hospital where he was working and went to a new nursing home, where he was having difficulty because of a shortage of doctors. Here, he and his colleagues share how to care for patients in the last days of life, discussing with their family members how to minimize the impact on patients’ health (such as stethoscope thick if you have trouble eating).

Custom glass story of water on Miyakejima Island

Dr. Masahiro Akishita has experienced cases that made him think deeply about the value of choosing “die old”. For example, a woman from Miyakejima Island, in the Izu Islands, Japan. Patients during eating, food enters the airway, causing pneumonia. The doctor recommends placing the tube through the nasal passages to provide nutrition.

However, the patient’s son said, “On our island, if a person is too old to eat, he should only put a glass of water by his side. If he is still alive, he will reach out to drink. If you can’t do that, just leave it to them. I can’t refuse to have my mother intubated, but it’s painful to see her have to eat the tube. ”

The man told the doctor, death is a natural truth that cannot be violated to the people of the island. He was accustomed to such a peaceful departure of those close to him that way. Now that the culture is gone, instead, many elderly people on the island will end their lives in a hospital, but he thinks the traditional way will be better.

Many Japanese refuse treatment to die naturally old
Many elderly Japanese choose to live according to nature, including dying.

The second experience experienced by Japanese doctors, is the process of treating an elderly couple. The wife suffers from dementia and has trouble eating, it is difficult to swallow even the simplest food, she is sent to a nursing home, and the husband stays at home, visiting his wife every day twice, this lasts a year and a half.

The husband instead of catheterizing his wife, forcing his wife to eat, he patiently looked after his wife with two packs of jelly each day, each pack of 300 calories. Although her total calorie intake was only 600 calories / day, which according to the doctor was “not enough to sustain her life,” her husband did not want to be miserable by placing a tube.

He said his wife took good care of him, now is the time to repay him, and “let her eat what she can”. The sleeping time of the old lady was increasing day by day, and finally, one day, she passed away in silence. No forced feeding, no intubation, only accompanying the wife during the journey of care, that is the husband’s choice.

The latest Japanese survey shows that 90% of Japanese over 55 years refuse to accept life-long medical treatment, on the contrary, want the death to occur naturally. For them, “die old” is the most beautiful goodbye to life.

Newspaper The Asahi Shimbun reported, more Japanese “natural death” due to old age, which currently ranks as the third leading cause of death after cancer and heart disease, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health.

Many Japanese refuse treatment to die naturally old
The proportion of Japanese people who choose to die old has increased since 2010.

The increase in the number of people dying of old age is due in part to a growing number of people choosing to die in private homes or nursing care facilities, rather than going to hospitals and using life-long therapies.

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