Regulations on forum posts

In order to improve the quality of articles on the Forum, to minimize spam articles, please follow the following rules, if violating your article will be deleted without prior notice.

Regulations on forum posts

1. Select the right category on the forum for the article

If the Category name does not describe much of the content of the articles that are attached to that List, you should check out some of the articles in that List to see if the content of the article you intend to submit contains the correct category.

For example: If you want to review any computer product, select “Technology” before selecting the title and content.

2. Use Vietnamese with clear marks, if you are Vietnamese

The title and content of the article should be written in Vietnamese with clear marks, no use of teen code, no writing like: “Chao cac ban, minh la thanh vien”. These articles will be deleted immediately without prior notice.

3. Before you ask anything, try searching

Your problem may have been discussed / answered earlier. Questions related to forum usage are mostly answered in the List of Questions and Answers (where tutorials are available) or on other Specific Categories in COMMUNITIES, …. (where answers to members’ questions about the forum). You can search for articles by keyword.

4. Use short titles and directly related to the content of the article.

The title of the article should be brief, directly present the content of the article, but do not post general title articles like “Help me”, “Good”, “Jokes”.

5. Reply to other people’s posts in the right discussion.

Other people’s replies to posts must be directly related to the issue discussed in that topic. If not relevant, create a new topic.

6. Limit the use of too large font sizes in posts.

If it is an article with normal content, you should keep the size normal. You can use larger font sizes with the “Heading” tag with notes, special effects, etc.

7. Absolutely prohibit article spam

Your article is considered spam when violating one of the following:

  • Your article is meaningless, or not informative, the article is clumsy …
  • Your article is full of smileys, or more smileys than words in the article.
  • Duplicate posts, with similar or similar content in the same box or in multiple boxes.
  • You send several consecutive replies in the same topic. If you have sent a reply in a topic, then want to write more, click the “Edit” button at the end of your post to edit your post, not one more post. reply again!

8. Maximum number of pages of a Topic

For ease of tracking, avoid too many pages making new followers unable to read all the posts. Encouraging each topic should be limited to about 100 pages. To continue, create a new topic with the next section of the old topic.

9. About the content of the article in general

  • All articles are required to have “Images and Keywords” (You can adjust the extension for your article SEO in the expanded SEO section).
  • Prohibit the use of vulgar, obscene words, causing confusion, misunderstandings among members.
  • Prohibiting the content of articles related to military, defense, political and religious issues, defamatory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Prohibit posting links / software with viruses, Keylogger software to sabotage, monitor personal privacy of others.
  • Posts about XXX are obscene, have pornographic content.
  • Any online fraud, OFFER or REF benefit of the sender will be deleted and permanently nicked.
    Prohibit posting shortened links in any form: *******;; **************; … depending on the reminder or banned forever.
  • Strictly abusive, offensive and slanderous acts are prohibited for the Board members

10. Regulations on member username

  • Username is not allowed to place political, religious related ….
  • Username is not allowed to put dirty, vulgar or stigmatized words, humiliating others ..
  • Usernames are not allowed to be copied by the name of a member or administrator to avoid causing confusion or impersonation.
  • Do not create and use nick clone for purposes of profiteering and causing trouble

The form of dealing with the wrong username is permanent. Violated posts will be deleted without notice! (FAQ)