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SEV DESIGN is a professional website design team with more than 16 years of experience, we are always confident to bring our customers the best quality websites that exceed your expectations. If you are in need of website design, don’t hesitate to contact us right now according to the information below to learn about our web design service.

SEV DESIGN is not only web design but also provides effective business solutions through website

You need to know one thing: website design is not enough! The important thing is how to get a website that attracts users when it comes to your website and decides to buy or use the service you provide. Thus, the new website really becomes an effective tool to support your business. That is the difference that SEV DESIGN brings.

Why enterprises need to design your website?

According to statistics, since the end of 2005, Vietnam has increased the number of Internet users from over 17 million to over 50 million. Thereby, you also realize that the number of Internet users is increasing significantly along with the development of Information Technology. In particular, users who understand and apply technology benefits are constantly increasing.

Or as for yourself, perhaps you realize that your shopping habits and understanding of information have changed over the years. In the past, every time you need to shop for something, you need to consult the main information from friends or go directly to the store to find out. Now, you don’t need to go anywhere but just sit and search for information for your needs via an Internet-connected computer. On the other hand, whether you refer from your friends or from experts through social networks, they will introduce service, product or business information through links to any website. That gives you reference with advice.

So, if you don’t have a website, when that person wants to learn more specifically, you have to meet directly with you to exchange, and you can spend a lot of time on it instead of saving by providing information. believe through your website. This also means that you will spend a lot of money on salespeople, advising customers for your products or services. In addition, the time a person can use to work with partners during the day is also very limited.

Thereby, you also realize that a business without a website is a huge shortcoming. You have accidentally ignored a large number of potential customers who can reach you through the Internet environment. Especially for businesses that have products or services that can provide foreign markets, the Internet with its applications now shows the benefits it brings.

How is a professional website?

With more than 10 years of operation in the field of website design, website development and promotion in various forms through the Internet environment, we not only have the experience to bring customers products and services. Quality service but also understands the needs, interests and psychology of customers that our partners are providing. From these valuable experiences, we set out the criteria for a professional website:

  • The website must ensure regular operating time, limiting me to a lot of interruptions.
  • The website must have fast page loading speed. According to general statistics, users are very impatient when more than 3 seconds have not seen any components in the website appear.
  • Website must have eye-catching interface, images, colors, attracting users to access.
  • The website must have a layout, presenting sufficient and reasonable information, not too cumbersome and redundant, in accordance with the needs of users that businesses aim to.
  • The website must be highly interactive, retain users longer on your site to find out information. It also helps your website increase the conversion rate from a web visitor to your customer.
  • Information of products, services, and business introduction needs to be complete and clear, making it easy for users to learn information about you.
  • The functions of the website must be easy to use, focusing on necessary needs and avoid cumbersome procedures, not suitable for fastidious and impatient users.
  • Website must have high compatibility to keep up with the trend of new equipment and technology.
  • A final and general criterion, that website must bring business benefits of the business, is an effective support tool to help businesses increase sales and save time and costs.

In addition, there are many other details that you need to consider as a basis for choosing a suitable web design partner. You need to understand the importance and benefits of a website. Do not be too hasty, but take the time to choose your partners well, can cooperate and bring long-term benefits to your business. You can spend a few more minutes to see the section below.

How to choose web design services?

To find a web design partner, you need to consult information through friends along with searching through the Internet. When there are so many companies providing website design services that the price and quality of services are different for each company, it must make you very difficult to choose a website design partner for you. .

To determine which companies provide good quality website design services and reasonable prices is a simple task. Usually, you have to consult information from many different web design companies and compare and make a decision to choose your website design partner. This process takes a certain amount of time but is unlikely to bring about a desired effect. Quickly identifying us as partners will help you remove design, technical, programming, and price problems for your website.

Refer to information from businesses operating in the field of web design and markets in developed countries. Here are the issues you need to be prepared to start looking for a good partner:

  • Consult and research the website.
  • Determine what is needed for your website.
  • Collect website content.
  • Research web design companies.
  • Working with web design companies.
  • Promote and develop your website to users.

Why choose web design service of SEV DESIGN?

With the experience we have gained over the past 10 years with what we shared with you above. You can be assured that: we are a good web design partner for your business! The websites that we have designed not only satisfy users about design designs with eye-catching colors and images, but also websites with reasonable layout and high interaction. Here are some reasons that you should put SEV DESIGN in your list of web design partners to find out:

  • The system of source code websites built by ourselves, not using open source code such as Joomla, WordPress … From there, helps your website have better security.
  • The system is highly compatible with search engines or SEO standard web design. With such a website, it will help your website get high rankings when users find information related to the product or service you provide. In addition, once you have the need to increase your website rankings through Google, it will be easier and more cost-effective.
  • The object-oriented source code system, packaging and distribution modules function reasonably, making it easy to upgrade more features later.
  • Satisfying the criteria for a professional website allows you to easily reach potential customers through the Internet environment. Thereby increasing sales, saving costs and bringing high efficiency for businesses.
  • Application of the latest technology, multi-platform compatibility and devices, especially mobile mobile devices.
  • Warranty and good maintenance.
  • When you have the need to use other services related to the development and promotion of the website by Internet Marketing methods such as: SEO Services, Google Adwords Advertising Services, Social Marketing Services (SMO / SMM), … We can continue to meet your needs without you having to spend time looking for another partner to do this.

Thereby, you can easily realize that we can become a suitable partner and always accompany you throughout the business development process that applies the benefits that the Internet brings.

Cost for SEV DESIGN website design service

Each business has different development policies and plans. Since then, ideas and plans developed through our website on the Internet environment are also diverse and rich. Interests as well as the need to find user information for each field are also diverse. This leads to requirements, the size of website design is suitable for each business. Therefore, in order to get our service price list, you can contact us directly or send information to request web design consultancy according to the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Process of web design services

With many years of experience working with partners who need web design, the following is the process that we have summarized in accordance with most of the scale and organization of existing businesses:

  • Get the required information and study feasibility.
  • Analyze requirements and plan website design.
  • Design the theme.
  • Building databases and web programming.
  • CHeck quality.
  • Acceptance and handover.

With the scientific and professional web design process, each of our products will have:

  • Cost reasonable web design.
  • Time to complete the short website.
  • The website quality is ensure.
  • After-sales service is good for your website and many other incentives after the website is completed.
  • For us, your product quality is a top priority in web design.

We are committed to refunding the entire cost if the website after completion does not meet your expectations.

Contact us today to start your website design needs.