Tips to help homeowners increase customer experience

Homestay business is simple but not simple. If you know how to effectively apply the 3 tips below, increasing the experience of using customers will no longer be a “headache” too great for homeowners.

Homestay Guidebook – A must-have handbook

Homestay guidebook is like a “encyclopedia dictionary” on behalf of the landlord to answer all questions of customers. A standard and most basic guidebook will usually include: homestay photos, additional services (laundry, car rental, book tours, etc.); instructions for use (washing machine, refrigerator, stove, oven …); wifi pass, and the rules when in the apartment … But the owner can unleash creativity to make his guidebook as unique as possible, or subtly reveal some places to have fun, eat and drink at the venue Method to create a sense of care for customers.

Tips to help homeowners increase customer experience

Design a detailed guidebook with meticulous, dedicated instructions. Do not let your guidebook is just an A4 sheet listing the services in a bland way, but design beautifully to please the most demanding guests!

The most unexpected things will often be the most memorable

A small gift such as a sincere thank you will be an interesting surprise to help homeowners score points in the eyes of customers. There is no need to prepare a gift too valuable, which can be considerate changes such as changing flowers every day for guests, or giving a card on the first day of the homestay. That is simple, but many homeowners are so easy to ignore that the customer experience is not complete.

Tips to help homeowners increase customer experience

Many homeowners even “play big” to offer travel tools such as sedge bags, mini travel sets, scented candles … Just so little changes but customers are willing to give 5 * reviews will Nothing difficult anymore!

Clean and fragrant – “Ace of cards” duo

Clean and fragrant is always in the top list of customers who are most interested in choosing an ideal destination for your trip. So always make sure you have enough time to clean between pickups, especially when you have 2 consecutive guests checking in.

Clean out all rooms that customers will use, especially bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Remember to check and ensure that rooms are free of hair, dust or mold on surfaces and floors. Replacement of new sheets / sheets, new towels for guests as well as cleaning up trash, food and belongings left behind must also be done extremely carefully. And do not forget to spray room fragrances or add essential oils, scented candles, … to create a relaxing space for customers after long trips.

Tips to help homeowners increase customer experience

Currently, there are many cleaning applications that help homeowners can save time and provide a clean, fragrant space for guests, JupViec is one of them. Understanding the efforts of the landlord in bringing beautiful clean spaces to customer satisfaction, the Luxstay booking app in conjunction with JupViec offers 10% discount on the value of the regular homestay cleaning service. for Luxstay homeowners to use JupViec’s long-term service. For more details, please visit here.

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