VPS / SERVER Installation Service

When your website has high traffic, using VPS / Server is a must because Shared Hosting is only suitable for small and medium sites.

However, the installation, configuration, optimization and security of VPS / Server requires a lot of technical knowledge about Linux; Not everyone has enough time to find out.

With good technical knowledge and many years of administration – installing VPS, now SEV opens Professional VPS Optimization and Installation service for those who are in need of using VPS / Server.

VPS / SERVER Installation Service

How is VPS / Server Installation Service?

When you use SEV’s service, we will support the installation, configuration, optimization and security of VPS / Server. You do not need to do anything, just provide server information that everything will be ready.

In particular, we have a lot of experience in optimizing VPS for sites with visit terror, high online, large data or websites using custom code.

Advantages when using the service

  • Be advised to choose the VPS package that best suits your needs, with the most economical cost.
  • Support for moving data to the new server is completely free.
  • Support for SSL upgrade (use Let’s Encrypt or Comodo …), redirect HTTPS to the website if desired.
  • Automatically backup all data to the cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive …), or onto another server.
  • nsure absolute safety when using VPS.
  • Support converting Apache .htaccess rule to webserver Nginx is powerful if desired.
  • The server is preinstalled with commonly used management tools such as File Manager, phpMyAdmin, and monitoring system status realtime.
  • Direct support from 1 to 1 admin for the duration of use.
  • Refund within 1 month if server is not working as expected.

In short, with professional services from SEV, you do not have to do anything but still have a strong server to serve the activities of the website. Server installation is complete, rest assured to use it for a long time, without worrying about any security issues anymore.

These types of Server are supported

You can choose one of the following types of webservers. These are the best combinations we recommend:

  • LEMP Webserver – Linux + NGINX + MySQL (MariaDB) + PHP (the most optimal, the best loaded).
  • LAMP Webserver – Linux + Apache + MySQL (MariaDB) + PHP with Varnish Cache Front-end.

*** These types of Webserver have been optimized by us to be able to run multiple sites on 1 VPS.

In addition, we are also ready to install other Control Panel (VestaCP, Sentora, Direct Admin, cPanel …) or all other specific requirements such as Discourse installation, Sendy server installation to Email Marketing ….

Cost of installing VPS service

The lowest installation cost is $21.99 time depending on the requirements. Pay before starting.

You can choose any provider, we encourage to use VPS of high quality suppliers in the world such as Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode, Ramnode to ensure stable and fast VPS operation. Best. You can contact us in advance for advice on choosing the most suitable and economical VPS package.

The fastest deployment time is 1 hour and the latest within 24 hours from the start of deployment. If you do not meet, we will refund the money, you can use the Free service!

In addition, SEV TEAM also supports handling problems arising in the process of using VPS such as not sending mail, backup VPS, restoring VPS, transferring VPS, fixing database errors, SSL …, in general all related to VPS are capable of handling. For more information, please contact us to get a quote.

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