[WordPress Plugin] AccessPress Social Pro

AccessPress Social PRO is a premium WordPress plugin with two-fold benefits. Meaning – this is a plugin that comprises of two different parts. One is “AccessPress Social Counter” and the other is “AccessPress Social Share”. With each of the plugin’s components i.e., counter and share we have a list of social networking sites that can be used, and a bunch of features you can enjoy !

[WordPress Plugin] AccessPress Social Pro

AccessPress Social Counter extracts the number of fans, subscribers and followers of your social media account, and displays them on your website. While, AccessPress Social Share allows anyone to easily share website content (page,post, image,media) on major social platforms. AccessPress Social Share even lets you count the number of shares your content has got in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, VK and Buffer. And in the case of AccessPress Social Count, you can extract the number of followers from most social networking sites in an automatic manner. LinkedIn and Dribble are the only exceptions in this regard, as, in both the sites you would have to enter the number of followers manually.

So, if you are searching for a plugin to make your website’s content social share friendly and increase your social media reach with minimal effort, AccessPress Social Pro is here to the rescue !

Demo & Purchase: AccessPress Social Pro
Download [Share]: AccessPress Social Pro v2.1.1
Pass Unlock: www.seeding.edu.vn

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